A dark blot.

And so I begin.

For many years now different ideas have rolled around in my head as a result of experiences I’ve had, books I’ve read, movies I’ve seen, and people I’ve encountered.  I don’t really have any answers about anything.  But I’ve noticed that a lot of things around me in the world don’t make sense as they are presented to me.  I’ve got questions about those things.  I call this The Blot, because it’s gonna get a little dirty ’round here.

I’ve found that some of these ideas resonate with those around me, and I’m curious to see if they resonate with people out there who I don’t know. I might sound really stupid when I present some of the questions I have, and I want to learn. So if any of this crap piques your interest, and you have something to share, or questions to put out there, by all means share in the discourse. I want honesty… honest thoughts and honest questions.  If you can’t be honest (or respectful, for that matter), don’t put your crap on here.

If I quote your work and you find it discomforting where I have gone with it, please let me know.  I respect that completely.  That being said, here is what will get your comments deleted:

  • Judging my character on my blog because you disagree with me (whether you are coming from a place of cultural conservatism or liberalism, or simply because you’re a dick). You can get your own blog and judge me there.
  • If your comment contains the phrase “how can you call yourself a Christian if… bla bla bla”
  • If you’re being a dick.

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